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kidnapping.and the previous kidnapping and molestation we'll see you at eight. (male announer) live from the bay area's news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: new tonight at 8. a teenager found stabbed to death near a high school in san jose. and right now, homidice investigators are on the scene. you're looking at helicopter video of the scene. from our partnership with abc7. this is san jose's fifth homicide of the year. it happened just after three o'clock this afternoon. kron 4's phillippe djegal spoke with investigators who say. at this time, they have no suspects or motive behind the murder. >> reporter: the san jose police department forensics department has just arrived on the scene. we are just a
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on north 21st street. the san jose police department says of the fall of this body at a home. they have blocked that irreal off. we are still very far off because they keep expanding the crime scene. they do not know exactly where this teenager was stabbed. the to not know if there was a motive. they've responded at 3:30 high school did not have to be locked down. the police are not releasing the identity. they are just saying that they are saying that this is possibly gain related, phillipe djegal, kron 4. >> developing right now.
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forensic teams are working to determine if the body found in the charred rubble this big bear cabin is christopher dorner. all indications suggest dorner is dead. today the 33-year old's the burnt cabin. and we are getting our first look at the dramatic shootout with police before the cabin was burnt. check it out. halfthis is exclusive video shot by a cbs news reporter. in the lower left-hand portion of the screen you can see a law enfocement officer throwing a smoke grenage towards the home in which dorner was believed to be making his final stand. a short time ago, an emotional san bernardino sheriff reflected on the chaotic gun battle that claimed the life of one of his men. >> the deputy sheriffs that responded to this scene
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yesterday absolutely are true heroes. there where rounds being fired. those rare absolutely incredible and it was like a war zone. the deputies continued to go in that area to try to neutralize and stop. the rounds kept coming and the deputies did not give up. >> today the sheriff also said law enforcement did not intentionally set the cabin on fire.something dispatch audio we recently obtained.seems to contradict. >> we are going to go forward with the plan. >> seven acto7-acting burns. >> copy. there are ready. >> it sounds like one shot was fired. there was a bit of confusion
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on how this started. this is where he was hiding out. jeremiah mackay was the deputy that was killed by this man, christopher dorner. he is now accused of killing 4 people, wounding three others. targeting law enforcement after he believes that he was terminated from police from the los angeles police department. this continues to be developing. >> pam: meanwhile,family and police officers gathered today. to mourn an officer who police say was killed by christopher dorner. (bagpipes) this is a look at officer michael crain's funeral today.
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officer crain was one of the two officers ambushed in their patrol car. crain had been with the police department in riverside, california for 11 years. he was a former marine who served two tours of duty in kuwait. officer crain is survived by his wife and two children. new details continue to be released about the final standoff -- which is believed to have left christopher dorner dead. >> for the past week, they have been looking near christopher corner however, the command post was set up here. now, it appears that he was just inside of a rental home. just across the street. and he tied up two housekeepers. one of them got free and then she
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called 911. he then, however had already stolen their purple and the sun. he crashed the problem the sun and took off on foot. a short time later he was carjacking this man that fish and wildlife spotted him on again. he fled again and he was finally located along the seven oaks rude. where he exchanged gunfire. one was killed and another seriously injured and he barricaded himself inside of these homes. the building was surrounded by police officers. it caught fire. it beli is believed that he died in side. >> pam: new details continue to be released of the latest of christopher dorner. keep it here --- we'll keep
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you updated on any developments, as soon we get them. new tonight at 8. we are getting our first look at anthony lamar jones. the man charged with kidnapping, raping and murdering 13-year old genelle conway allen. leaving her naked body in a local park. kron four's terisa estacio reports, jones had little to say in court. but his family did speak up. >> reporter: take a look here at anthony lamar jones. only still cameras were allowed in court. capturing these pictures. jones show very little emotion during his first court appearance. most of the time, he blankly stared at the judge. he only uttered a few words - speaking softly telling the court he needed the public defender to represent him. he is possibly facing the death penalty - for allegedly murdering genelle conway allen shown here. he didn't enter a plea - that will come later when he comes to back to court next week. during the entire hearing, jones never looked around the court room to acknowledge the nearly
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dozen family members and friends there to support him. outside - the group joined together. they had these to say to kron four news. >> did he do it? is he innocent? do you have anything to say? in fairfield, terisa estacio, kron 4 >> pam: new at eight. new details. on an old cold case crime. allegedly committed by the man who is now the prime suspect in the kevin collins kidnapping. kron 4's maureen kelly uncovered new facts in the case. in a story you will see only on kron four. on april 16th, 1981.three years before kevin collins went missing.dan therrian.while living under the name wayne jackson. .was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and molesting a seven year old the fisherman's wharf area. it was the crime that would eventually make him a person of interest when little kevin vanished in 1984. inside the court files.we found the records which he was initially accused of forcibly stealing the child.while he played inside a store.alledgedly
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the assailant came from behind.picked him up, putting the boy on his shoulders identifying him as his son.and ran to a low wooden wall near pier 39.where the assault occurred. the man unzipped his zipper.told the boy to open his mouth.and had the boy touch his penis.the victim got away.crying and running to a woman in a car parked nearby.the records show that the suspect was arrested.after the victim pointed him out to police while running away. after making bail.he failed to show up for a court date.and a warrant was issued for his arrest. then nearly a year later.on march 31, 1982 he was found and arrested.but this time living under yet another false can see the california driver's license here.with his picture.but with another fake name. in the end he pled guilty to one count of a lewd act on a child under 14 years of age.for which he was sentenced to 85 days in jail.three years probation.and ordered to under go psychiatric counseling. it's unclear when he began living under the name dan therrien.which was how he was known until his death in 2008. maureen
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kelly kron4 news. >> pam: new at 8-- on the chopping block yet again. tonight, parents at crestmoor elementary in san bruno. may learn the fate of their children's school. and where students will have to attend classes next year. kron 4's alecia reid has the story. still ahead-- >> the fate of this school is in jeopardy. as they continue to go through these board meetings. there is so much on our kids to worry about.
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>> reporter: this is where the students will be transferred. mixed emotions. instead, it is of this school. it will provide a better option. >> why should we have to go back to that school? they are trying to tell us i just
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would like them to make a decision. in december no, alecia reed, kron 4. >> still,kron 4 is learning new information about the man threatened a state senator. and had explosives in his believed targeted. plus: controversy surrounding mark zuckerberg's star -studded fundraiser for new jersey governor chris christie tonight. reaction from protesters in a live report. and: barry bond's attorneys why they believe his conviction should be overturned.
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>> new developments tonight at 8. on the man authorities say, had explosives in his santa clara home. kron 4 is learning that this man. 45-year-old everett basham, was arrested for what police say. was a threat against a state senator. as well as carrying a concealed firearm. and kron 4 has also
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uncovered. that the state senator targeted is leland yee. who represents part of san francisco and most of san mateo county. >> reporter:when police searched basham's santa clara home, they found explosives. the bomb squad was called out to detonate those explosives. this is surveillance video of the detonation. kron 4's scott rates has a look at the scene. neighbors here telling me tonight they always suspected something was strange was going in this home, here's why you can see several different cameras, all over the front
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of basham's home and then these strange antenna's yesterday the c.h.p arresting this man, 45- year-old evertt basham - after serving a search warrant on his, they found several explosives, and hazardous martial, i talked to neighbors, and the c.h.p and asked them this and the bomb squad is done for tonight, they will be back tomorrow moring, you can see the sand bags on the lawn, the chp telling me this is where they plan on detonating the rest of the hazardous martial they pulled out of . home in santa clara scott rates. kron 4 news >> we're always tracking neighborhood crime, here's a kron-4 crime tracker on the peninsula. there have been a series of home burglaries in san carlos the past two days. four in the past 48 hours.
8:19 pm
here's where they're happening. northam woodland eaton clifton all of these burglaries are occuring in the daytime hours. tracking crime, i'm grant lodes, kron 4 news. happeneing right now in palo alto. facebook c-e-o mark zuckerberg is showing his support for republican new jersey governor chris christie. by hosting a star- studded fundraising dinner at his home. we were there as former secretary of state condeleezza rice walked in. condoleeza rice had to walk in between protesters as she arrived for the fundraiser. the fundraiser is causing some controversy. kron 4's j-r stone is live. j.r. are the protesters still there? new developments tonight in
8:20 pm
>> the protesters were out here, in full force protesting against crescas th governor, chris christie.. >> we are appalled. how is this possible? it is the wrong thing to do. we are here as mothers, grandmothers, mark. >> i think that zuckerberg is making a mistake. >> i am very upset what christie does in new jersey. >> i was very happy that he was a republican. he's a hard core republican. >> cutting those funds are going to die. for the lack
8:21 pm
of health care. that is wrong. >> reporter: it is important to note that chris christie is one of the most popular republicans in the nation. they believe that he will be running for president in 2016. and that he cut those programs to balance the budget reporting live, chairs storm, kron 4 news. >> jacqueline: 60s through pleasanton. santa rosa but take a look a stark contrast with 50s. that fog will not go away. if some of it will return. and as we head towards tomorrow noticeably warmer. near the coast and as we go towards friday, it
8:22 pm
will cool back down.tomorrow. i, the bay shores, the inland valleys. pretty patchy. through the peninsula, and san jose is starting to lift. really clearing out by 10 and temperatures? warmer. mainly in the 40's but we still will be in the 40's for the upper inland valleys and the delta and the north bay. for the noon hour is, temperatures are warming to the 60s. for most of the north bay, the s south bay and for the early evening hours. 5:00 p.m., 60s for the north bay. let us take a look at no. 8 temperatures. the south bay, 60s. '70s in cupertino.
8:23 pm
campbell. mountain view, san jose and 60s for the east bay. the upper 60s in san leandro. 60s in concord, livermore, a bit cooler along the coast. temperatures in the 50s, 60s along the immediate coast. 64 degrees. with 70's in santa rosa. a look at your extended forecast with a warming trend. it will start to cool down but sunday, monday will be more dramatic. that storm approaches on tuesday. light wind. certainly, we could use that rain. >> coming up, with the c h p in hayward lane splitting. >> gary: coming up the 49ers
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got some bad luck and also, will ferrell and lovemaking? [laughter], later. ñáçwçñ
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now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly.the motorcycle rider in front of your screen is waiting for the light to change however after waiting for a few second he decides to go around this motorcycle riding on the 880 in the number one lane is about to use the same lane as the car to go
8:27 pm
around this are know as lane splitting, and to many drivers. they believe that the motorcycle rider is behaving badly but are they? >> lane splitting also known as riding the white line or riding in between vehicles if two vehicles are riding side by side in paralle lanes a motorcycle can lane split in between the vehicles and pass them now what i find interesting is apparently even some motorcycle riders are not aware that it legal because while watching the actions of riders many had the opportunity to lane split but did not maybe it was because i was riding this officer hunter of the hawward office of the california patrol
8:28 pm
so why is a people behaving badly segment if no one is actually behaving bady, well there are some things that people are doing that make riding unsafe >> the things that make it illegal are if they are doing it at an excess of speed meaning if it's a sixty mph zone and there going over 65 miles per hour absolutly that's illegal and they have another rule you should follow >> the chp doesn't recommend that motorcyclist split lanes of traffic if traffic is traveling 40 miles an hour or above and there is advice for people in cars now that you know that lane splitting is 100 legal >> some motorist actually try to impead or prevent motorcyclist from splitting lanes that is illegal california ia the only state that allows lane splitting if done in a safe manner at the hayward office of the californa highway patrol stanley roberts keon 4 news
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>> this just in to the kron 4 news room these two people just spoke with authorities in big bear. and how they said that it was christopher dorner. as soon as he gained entrance. this fugitive tied them up. >> he had bound our hands first. >> using plastic ties. he made a loss walk and he made us-walk and plea flat and
8:34 pm
then bound our feet and hands and my circulation was blocked off. it hurt. >> when he had me laughing on the grounwhen he had me-layie ground--and he went out and came back with a couple of washcloths and stocked them in our mouths. >> and then we went back into the living rooms. >> he came in with a cord. >> extension cords. and tied it and put a pillowcase over my head. and he put a pillowcase over our head. >> these people wanted to set the record straight because it was widely reported that he tied up to
8:35 pm
housekeepers. that was not the case. he demanded their house and car keys. he started to to get out. once they were able to get free, they called 911. they said that he was calm and he just wanted to clear his name. also, this bart fire destroyed a senior housing complex that was under construction. and the nearby bart tracks melted. traffic came to a standstill. investigators are hoping that this new reward money will it encourage people to come forward the with time passing by we're hoping that
8:36 pm
people will come forward with information. >> pam: we also learned that an investigation has ruled out several suspects. they are still reviewing the video. the a-t-f is now offering a investigators hope the new reward will encourage people with information. to come kron 4 has also learned that investigators have questioned 60 people. ruled out several suspects. and are still reviewing video from security cameras in the attorneys for barry bonds' were back in federal court today, appealing his 2011 conviction for obstruction of justice.
8:37 pm
kron4's dan kerman explains why attorneys think the home run king's conviction should be overturned. barry bonds finally and did he ever have to administer anything with a syringe? >> he added that several times. >> how can that be an evasive answer. >> the entire idea of obstruction is to provide the truthful evidence to >> the record says that he supports that. >> reporter: they say that prosecutors are misstating the facts. >> the was never a shred of evidence and the governor has never claimed that he did any of those things.
8:38 pm
>> barry bonds was not in court and his attorney suggested to stay out of court today. in the weeks, possibly years for a decision whatever is decided, this will be appealed to possibly to the u.s. supreme court. at the ninth circuit court of appeals and ted francisco, dan kerman, kron 4. >> jacqueline: along the coast where we did not see much clearing. this bay bridge toll plaza is clear but closer to the coast we are seeing reduced visibility. those clouds have not quit. as we take a look at current temperatures it is fairly mild. even dropping to the low 40's and 30's at this hour. you can see we are hovering near 50s in the san francisco, kitties in antioch.will be warmh
8:39 pm
50s--with fog but it should clear will say warm on friday but we are going to see some changes. details coming up... [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, tide is $5.49 for 50 ounces. that's under 20 cents a load! skip the warehouse. charmin is $8.99 for 16 double rolls. and chobani greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week.
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only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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>> pam: >> stocks ending the day mixed -- sending the dow back here are the numbers. the dow down 35. the standard & poor's 500 index ended up less than a
8:42 pm
point to end at 1,520. the index climbed as high as 1,524 during the day, the american airlines and u-s airways will join forces to create the world's largest airline. the new carrier will keep the american airlines name. it will be run by us airways c-e-o doug parker. while american airlines c-e-o tom horton will become chairman. this deal has been in the works since august when creditors forced american airlines to consider a merger. the merge of american and u- s airways will be slightly bigger than united airlines. >> the california company is recalling some baby spinach because it could be contaminated with e-coli. check your fridge before you make that salad. the spinach was sold in several states under five market organics, full circle organic, simple truth organic, marketside organic and taylor farms organic. the company, taylor farms retail, says no illnesses have been reported. >> a developing story. that crippled cruise ship is expected to limp into an alabama port sometime tomorrow. more than 4-thousand people are on board.and it sounds like they're pretty miserable. after an engine room fire four days ago - a power
8:43 pm
outage has reportedly led to sewage-filled hallways and long lines for food. people who have managed to reach relatives by phone are talking about what they're hearing. >> he said the conditions have gotten so bad that they're asking to use the restroom and backs and they're eating onion sandwiches on monday using the restrooms- in bags.. >> the daughter she is afraid to hear that she is never going to be possibly seeing her mother again. to hear that i was devastated. >> people in front of her work hoarding food. the only thing that she could get was a hamburger and some water. she was sending some text messages with 4000 people, not being able to use the bathroom and you can imagine
8:44 pm
>> pam: the carnival ship is crawling back to port with the help of tug boats. the cruise line has booked more than 15-hundred rooms for tomorrow mobile, alabama -- and new orleans. the forty-niners player is $1.5 million lighter even though he had one of his best seasons. gary radnich is next.
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mathomatic blind date and they will setyou up and kissing booth can help you toskiss their smart screen and offers tips to help improve your kissing skills. gabe slate tech report >> jacqueline: 50s really nice the fog tracker, and also the north bay. it is already lifting by 10. as for temperatures? chilly.
8:49 pm
30's in napa. 40's in concord. and 40's for the bayshore. let us get to the afternoon highs it is going to be nice. '70s through cupertino. '70s and santa clara. 66 in san leandro. and upper 50s and low 60s along the immediate coast. as would take a look outside at satellite and radar. it is well to the north. dry weather, we certainly need that snow will not going to be getting much of it. we
8:50 pm
will keep you posted >> gary: one of the longest after another loss to the houston rockets last night, the warriors head into the all star break riding a 5 game losing streak, longest of the season during the losing streak the warriors have allowed an average of 118 points per game >> it is important for me to get the press and for the players to get the rest. to get ready for the next second half. >> before we play utah, to enjoy ourselves and get refocused. and for all the
8:51 pm
talk about defensive improvements the warriors still rank 25th in the league in points allowed at 101.2 ppg still, the warriors sit at 30-22, 6th in the west the 49ers lost $1.6 million, this player. they are not starving however, the contract laid out for brooks. he needed to play in 93 percent of the defense of snaps and the plate 92%. they needed it t 12 wind flow games, and they only 111-james. and he lost out on 1.6-dollars in incentives. however, $1.6 million. but he is not going to get that amount. and no matter how much you love your team remember, you are just third in the a equation. and now, >> the lockout that cancelled nearly half the season and
8:52 pm
left many hocky fans disgruntled didn't stop the nhl from raising their ticket prices by nearly 6% - by far the largest increase of any of the four major sports on average it now costs more to see an nhl game than an nba or mlb game - only the nfl has higher average ticket prices than the nhl the average seat at an nhl game will cost you $61 bucks versus $51 for the nba and $27 for major league baseball. an average nfl ticket goes for $77 bucks. the monthmanchester united at real madrid champions league action in madrid - and a battle of the two most valuable teams in the world - manchester united worth $2.2 billion and ray-al madrid worth $1.8 billion 1st half
8:53 pm
man u's danny welbeck with the header to put the red devils on the board 1-0 man u. 10 minutes later the great cristiano ronaldo with a header of his ownthe equalizer as ray-al ties it up 1-1 tie tied at 1-all with just minutes to go robin van persie looks like he's going to win it for man u, but chabi alonso saves the day clearing the ball just shy of the goal. 1-1 >> swedish golfer daniela holmqvist was bitten by the highly poisonous black widow spider while playing in a pre-qualifier for a lpga tournament. but with her round already under way instead of stopping and seeking medical attention holmqvist cut out the venom from her ankle with a golf tee and continued her round finishing her final 14 holes
8:54 pm
and the >> and i am showing this because she can learn. bantait was determined that she did not need an antidote as she drained enough of the venom that it didn't pose a serious risk her roundhowever was not good enough to make the tournament the head of duke's blue devil mascot was stolen and placed on a pole above a university of north carolina campus store prior to tonight's game between the two rivals at duke's cameron indoor stadium.
8:55 pm
duke confirmed one of it's mascot heads was stolen but that they have a spare last year, duke students dressed chapel hill's famous "silent sam" statue in blue devils gear when we return, let the. us fall in love
8:56 pm
8:57 pm
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>> we are going to do or normal thing where we asked people how they met. and it will interact and reenact how they met. >> gary: let me ask you. some women like their man to beat tough and ignore them. = = = = =be tough with them. -- and have you ever heard of that? >> i guess i understand it you can leave them wanting. trying to tease them. >> gary: before i was married, i was sending flowers and candy and i was
8:59 pm
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